We Provide Useful Services

SSS Services

Reliable & Quick Transactions

  •  Fast, scalable, secure and reliable transactions
  •  Send SSS anywhere on the planet instantly
  •  Have it confirmed within 90 seconds

Energy Efficient Staking

  •  SSS utilizes Proof of Stake
  •  Only consumes a fraction of energy used in Proof of Work
  •  It can be mined on any computer or laptop without specialized equipment

Simple Cloud

  •  Simple Cloud utilizes free disk space on your SSS node
  •  Leverages your SSS Node as a Private Storage Cloud

Simple Drive

  •  Simple Drive allows you to upload/download/share and sync files accross multiple devices
  •  Making migrating away from centralized providers a seamless task
  •  Participate in becoming a SSS Storage Node and be part of the Decentralized Storage Network
  •  Revenue Profit Model shared among Storage Nodes


  •  SSS employs a second-tier decentralized network of Masternodes
  •  Securing the Network and providing additional services
  •  Such as community voting governance and instant transactions utilizing SwiftTX


  •  The purpose for a self Governance model is to put the power of Simple Software Solutions
  •  Future into the hands of its community and investors

SSS Storage Nodes

Storage Nodes

  •  Incentivized Model
  •  Participate in the Decentralized Storage Network
  •  Be rewarded with SSS Coins for storage provided


Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Consultation

Proof of Consensus


Blockchain Explorer

Explore SDrive Services

A Global Decentralized & Distributed Data Store on the Cloud

  •  Be the backbone of the SSS Cloud Storage Infrastructure as a Service
  •  Built on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric is built on a modular architecture that separates transaction processing into three phases: distributed logic processing and agreement (chaincode), transaction ordering, and transaction validation and commitment.

Privacy & Security

The rise in popularity of permissioned blockchain platforms in recent time is significant.


  •  Fault Tolerant Storage System
  •  Transparent and Secure
  •  Scalable
  •  No central authoritative control to “your” data

Simple Software Solutions Downloads

Each components compiled from Simple Software Solution team member, SSS Owners can download them trustly.

Simple Software Solutions Roadmap

Completed Mile Stones:

  • Wallet Development
  • MVP Private Storage Development (Simple Cloud)
  • Simple Cloud & SSS Node Integeration



Founder, CEO

Simple Drive otherwise known as sDrive aims to revolutionize cloud storage with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Technology. The goal is to create a Decentralized Storage Network that will surely disrupt various technology industries with it’s innovative and incentivized revenue profit model. We believe end-user experience is key to drive success. Our technology will empower the individual without being reliant on centralized service providers.


Full Stack Developer

Blockchain is a new approach to create a distributed network which was first introduced in 2008. By the help of this disruptive technology a peer-to-peer network can be formed where nodes must reach a consensus and form a chain from accepted blocks, while no central party or trusted controller is required. Amongst all the existing usage of this technology, we are only ones using Hyperledger Fabric as a decentralized storage system where data is stored across multiple storage nodes without a single point of failure. . Hyperledger Fabric is one of the prominent framework of blockchain. By implementing end-to-end encryption clients can securely transmit their files through a fully decentralized network and eliminate the risk of data failures.